Two Sisters Have Sentences Increased After Beating Friend For Sharing Video


Two sisters who were convicted of kidnapping and attacking a woman have had their sentences drastically increased after an intervention by the Solicitor General.

Sobiya Iqbal, 28, of Weatherby Road, Luton, and Uzma Iqbal, 33, of Runley Road, Luton, owners of Laseraway Ltd, were jailed for two and a half years and 18 months respectively in December, after being found guilty of kidnap, causing actual bodily harm, and robbery.

Both sisters were filmed dancing in a nightclub whilst at a hen party in Birmingham. The videos were subsequently circulated on social media, which caused embarrassment among their families. Uzma and Sobiya, who are sisters, blamed another woman they had met at the hen party for circulating the videos.

The sisters contacted the woman they believed had circulated the videos and lured her out for the evening. The victim denied sharing the videos but agreed to meet the pair for dinner to discuss the matter.

On January 6, 2018, both sisters picked her up in the car, but rather than going to dinner, they drove her to a remote country lane where they dragged her out of the vehicle and punched and kicked her.

Sobiya armed herself with a pole and tried to force the woman to admit she had posted the videos. During the assault, they cut her hair and threatened to kill members of her family.

Iqbal sisters robbed the woman of her mobile phones and handbag, and started to check through the contents of the phones. While they were distracted, the woman jumped out of the car and manged to escape.

Fortunately, the victim was then able to run away, and ran for more than a mile, before seeking help from a remote farmhouse.

They were both found guilty of kidnap, causing actual bodily harm, and robbery, and were sentenced at Luton Crown Court on Thursday, December 5. Sobiya received two and a half years in jail while Uzma was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.

However, the sentences were considered to be unduly lenient by the Attorney General, and have now been increased following a hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice today (Friday 14 February). Sobiya Iqbal will now serve four years in jail, while Uzma Iqbal faces three years behind bars.

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