UCL Special: Tottenham v Liverpool – The Desi LFC Team


Well, it is finally here the UCL Final in Madrid between Tottenham Hotspur FC & Liverpool FC, the hype is almost over as kick-off time approaches we just like every other publication have decided to jump on the bandwagon and look at the teams, but with a desi twist!

So, we took the Liverpool starting eleven and paired each one with a well known ‘desi’ fan and now people we have a desi Liverpool 11, will they be strong enough to stop the Desi Spurs 11? Only time will tell, but for now, take a look at this ‘desi’ Liverpool 11 and see if they are strong enough to turn England red tonight.

Allison – GV, A good year for Alison that now needs to be finished off with some form of recognition. GV will need to be strong and on his toes tonight, late nights from being a new father cannot be tolerated!

Trent Alexander Arnold – Guru Randhawa, this kid has exploded onto the scene, and tonight, its not about slowly slowly, but instead about appeasing those millions of LFC fans who watch his videos day in and day out!

Virgil Van Dijk – Noreen Khan, Tall, Imposing, mad hair and always in charge, Noreen may look the joyful one, but do you really want to try and upset her? Noreen needs to be on the ball tonight and cannot let the Cricket world cup impact her thought process during the game.

Matip – Swami Baracus, this newly formed defensive partnership really has come on leaps and bounds and tonight Swami will need to be focussed on that north London top three and must ensure his flow is tight and correct, as only then will he get his hands on old big ears tonight.

Andy Robertson – Menis, people were always saying give this kid a chance, and when both finally got a chance, they never let anyone down, let’s hope his freestyle skills will not let him down tonight. Big game for Mr Menis tonight, another few assists will go a long way to him being seen as one of the players of the season.

Fabinhio – Jassi Sidhu, Slow to start this season but then, Fabinho just like Jassi on the Global Punjabi music scene just grew and grew, spreading his wings and becoming a darling of the fans, Jassi you are needed tonight!

Jordan Henderson – Juggy D, A man with passion, doubted by a few, but has fired back with quality and got people back onside! He asked people to dance with earlier this year, now Juggy it is all about delivering those moves!

Wijnaldum – Dipps Bhamra, Always consistent with his views, and always representing right, Dipps need his solid knowledge of the game to come through with shining colours tonight.

Mane – Jaz Dhami, Coloured hair, innovative, never scared to take a risk, and always able to deliver that bit of magic that will turn heads and make people applaud, Jaz is now doing his own thing and is in the zone, LFC fans are praying that he can deliver something unique tonight.

Firmino – Zora Rhandhwa, Always needs a strong lad up-front who never stops working, always dropping tunes, and supporting those around him, Zora you need to pull it out the bag, tonight lad. Get those pearly whites shining and give us every Inch!

Salah – Jazzy B, The man Jazzy went from India to Canada to the UK, conquering all before him, hits here, hits there, the man does not stop! Salah went via Egypt, Basel and Italy before coming back to conquer England. Tonight, Jazzy we need a big performance, AGAIN


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