UCL Special: Tottenham v Liverpool – The Desi Spurs Team


Well, it is finally here the UCL Final in Madrid between Tottenham Hotspur FC & Liverpool FC, the hype is almost over as kick-off time approaches we just like every other publication have decided to jump on the bandwagon and look at the teams, but with a desi twist!

So, we took the Tottenham starting eleven and paired each one with a well known ‘desi’ fan and now people we have a desi Spurs 11, will they be strong enough to stop the Desi LFC 11? Only time will tell, but for now, take a look at this ‘desi’ spurs 11 and see if they are strong enough to turn north London white tonight.

Lloris –  Ashish Joshi – If you need a man in a crisis who do you turn too? It’s got to be award-winning news reporter Ashish Joshi, always around in crisis never of his own making, tonight Mr Joshi all Spurs fans are hoping you can divert a crisis in goal.

Vertonghen Indie Chana, Famous for banging his drum Indie likes to be heard and tonight being part of a solid team, Indie will need to make himself heard as keeping this LFC attack quite will not be easy!

AlderweirldPathaan,  A Music director of note, Pathaan likes everyone to perform to his music, and tonight directing play from the back will be key, and who knows does Pathaan have a special set piece in mind for this his latest production?

RoseNav Dosanjh, Like all DJ’s Nav likes to be heard, his energy will be vital tonight as he will be up and down that wing like a DJ wrapping up at 5pm when last requests are called. Nav will be busy, but can he pull that one run out the bag to bring glory to north London?

TripperG Samra, A producer who like Tripper blows hot and cold, tonight it is vital he stands up and allows being dropped from the England team and thinks- this is my time to show them right from wrong!

Sissoko Gurj (Britasia) – The man came with a big reputation but struggled to adjust, but know Sissoka drives that midfield like Gurj pulls the strings at Britasa TV, will a lack of support around him tonight see him be left stranded though?

Alli – Look, with a name like Alli you are claimed as ‘Desi’, we have very few sporting stars so if the name Alli goes on the cup tonight – Desi!

EricksonHarjap Bhangal, Flair, skills and worshipped by many (Well those after UK Stay), Harjap will need to be at his creative best tonight to make sure he can rustle up some magic and get into the LFC defence, if he fails, his passport at Spurs may just be getting revoked in the summer!

Son – Asian, end of, no need to pick a Desi partner here when Son is THE Asian Footballing god!

Kane – Nihal Arthanayake , fit or not, asked for an opinion or not, Nihal is the darling of the ‘desi’ Spurs fanbase, always playing starring roles, whether it be bringing in the new year or courting controversy on-air – Nihal needs the performance of his life tonight to ensure North London is white and not red.

LucasVirat Kohli, is he a fan? will he start or will he not? Virat has been pictured with a spurs top and that is good enough for us, tonight is not about pleasing others tonight Mr Kohli north London wants you to smash those reds as if it was a test match cricket ball!



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