Udeekan Nirvair Pannu – New Punjabi Song 2020


Udeekan is the new single from Punjab based singer Nirvair Pannu. The song has been released by Juke Dock. Lyrics for Udeekan are by Nirvair Pannu himself and the music is by Deep Royce. Navpreet Gill is the female lead in the video for this latest Punjabi song.

2020 has been a strange year. New artists aiming to make any kind of mark, have had to battle alongside news and health alerts. Nirvair Pannu is one singer who had a road map all set out for 2020 and it is now, up in the air. Yet, throughout the whole period, he has impressed Punjabi music fans with his new style and sound. Udeekan by Nirvair Pannu continues his strong 2020.

Kurta Pyjama was Nirvair’s most recent release and it certainly made people sit up and take note. Thankfully this commercial follow-up single maintains the high standards he had set for himself.


This new single is a ballad and has a real chilled out vibe to it. Nirvair vocally dictates the direction of the track. Some may say this is easy, but a lot of the time the singer is singing to pre-produced track and that dictates the song. This is different, vocally Nirvair is in charge and the star of the show. Will this be around for long, possibly not, but it may be something that sits well on a chilled-out playlist!

As stated earlier Kurta Pyjama was Nirvair Pannu’s last song and it was a duet alongside the uber-talented Afsana Khan. If you missed it, then you can check it out here in full. The song was released on the R Nait label.

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