Unity – Karan Aujla Ft. Bohemia (Music Deep Jandu), Is This End Of The MooseWala Beef?


Well this is a turn up for the books, Karan Aujla talking about “Unity” after his much publicized spat with Sidhu Moosewala, has Karan walked away from the beef?

The new track “Unity” which is produced by Deep Jandu and features Bohemia can be taken in many ways, is the song aimed at Moose?

Keete kaare dilon maade wajde Loki kehnde bande theek nai Pehle week aithe launde yaariyan Tod dinde duje week ni”

Table te baith ke na rate dekhde, Yaar di na pocket ch weight dekhde, Kayi samjhaunde velly gallan naal ne, Kaiyan nu ne aunde fire pairi maarne

Or are the subtle digs just a coincidence? Another thing thrown into the mix is Bohemia, he has a track dropping with Sidhu Moosewala over the next few days, so is he the one bringing “unity” to the two warring camps? The track itself “Unity”  is a laid back/chilling kind of a vibe and if that is your thing then this is on your blazing playlist….


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