V-Rev Manchester Gets A Visit From The Sabji Hunter


V-REV Manchester

The Sabji Hunter ventured into the hipster northern quarter of Manchester city centre. On his journeys around the great city, he paid a visit to a real gem this week – V-Rev diner. This place is a very special vegan diner. Trust me you will need to book in advance. V-Rev is mad busy!

Appearance & Entry:
V-Rev is situated on Edge Street in the northern quarter of Manchester. This is quite a hipster hot spot in Manchester at the moment. When you enter via the main entrance you will think “this looks small and cosy”.  However much to our surprise, there is more seating in another room which is accessed through another corridor. The décor is very modern and is very much in keeping with the “hipster” tag that is associated with this part of town. It’s certainly impressive. The staff are very friendly, and throughout our visit, they were helpful and always asking if we required anything else.

For those interested, they do sell alcoholic cocktails at the premises as well as a selection of cold beverages.

Those V-Rev Burgers!

It Begins:
Looking at the menu, my eyes went straight to the burger section and then stopped at the Jerry Zinger which is made from seitan. For those that don’t know seitan is a meat substitute made from hydrated gluten, it is made by rinsing wheat dough to remove the starch. The great thing about seitan is its high in protein and minerals while low in carbs and fat.

Back to the Zinger – it is flavoured by their in house hot sauce, mayo, jalapenos, and topped with a jalapeno popper. We were told it would take around ½ an hour for the food to arrive as they were really busy, and to be fair the food arrived exactly on time.

The burger looked amazing, it was huge I was very impressed. The burger was really succulent and you’d be forgiven for thinking this is a real beef burger. It’s certainly up there with Mr Singh’s V Burger and the plant-based (not beef) burgers found at M&S.

The sauce and jalapenos give it the spicy kick required, I think they have the spice content spot on. The price of the burger was £12.95 which is steep, but believe me its worth it.

For the above reasons, we give it an 8.6 – comes highly recommended by The Sabji Hunter. If you find yourself in Manchester city centre – pay a visit to this gem and you won’t be disappointed folks. Just remember to call ahead!

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