Vadda Kalakaar Releases Tomorrow – We Talk To Director Kuldeep Kaushik & Actor, Alfaaz


‘Vadda Kalakaar’ is the latest Punjabi film to be released via T-Series Apna Punjab, the actual release date is the 28/12/18, luckily we got to watch the whole film over the Christmas period, and we really did enjoy it. ‘Vadda Kalakaar’ does not have an over complicated story but does have a unique take on pind life and the dreams of those seeking fame and fortune. At the press release for the film we caught up with the director Kuldeep Kaushik and leading actor (and Honey Singh’s main man) Alfaaz.

Talking to Daily Ent. Xpress, Kuldeep Kaushik, (Director) stated that ‘Vadda Kalakaar’ will be focusing on the 90s culture, the time when the use of VCRs was at its peak. “The main character (Alfaaz) gets inspired by the film industry and he wishes to become a hero, but he has to face many frauds and has to undergo several struggles to achieve his goal. His struggle is filled with innumerable interesting incidents that will surely leave the audience laughing.”

Alfaaz, who was last seen in Ishq Brandy, quipped, “I loved the story of ‘Vadda Kalakaar’ so much that I immediately expressed my desire to work as an actor in the film. I am so happy that I got to do this role. From the pre-production stage to the actual shoot, post-production and then working on the music, I enjoyed every phase of working on this film.”

Besides Alfaaz and Rupi Gill, the movie features many popular faces from the industry like Yograj Singh, BN Sharma and many more.


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