Valentines Special: @RealDesPardes Matrimonial Ads


Love is in the air so why not a Valentines Special. We do have a caring loving side you know. So what better way to celebrate Valentines with a look at matrimonial ads. These ads are as old as the ice-cream tub in your fridge that has saag in. These just like that tub are golden.

We have videos from dating sites and the best ads online at the moment. The team @RealDesPardes have sifted through tons and tons of ads (for work purposes) and have selected the ones that they see as the funniest online ads. No Valentine’s special would be complete without us starting with the viral Ridhima dating video. This went viral and each year does the rounds and gets everyone laughing.

Thankfully Ridhima is now happily married and enjoyed the fact that her video went viral.

Apne love a good matrimonial ad, the only issue is we have no filter. Check out some of the funniest matrimonial ads online and see why some people are still single and the demands that led to that single life!

Back to video dating! Here is a compilation of some of the funniest dating application videos from India! The demands are quite interesting, oh and one likes to wear a mini skirt!

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Check out one of our trending stories from earlier this year! This bride may well still be looking for  that special Valentine’s date:

Woman Rejects Husband On Wedding Day For Being Too Ugly!

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