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Veggie Fellas (Caldmore, Walsall): When in Walsall, you can’t avoid Veggie Fellas. This seems to be the go-to Veggie location when in the ends. Like many similar food joints in the West Midlands area, Veggie Fellas is going with the growing trend of offering meat substitutes and alternatives to the mixed grills. Veggie Fellas also has a huge offering of Vegan options available.

Veggie Fellas is situated in the heart of the Caldmore area of Walsall.  Walsall is well connected to the M6 motorway and can be easily reached via junctions 7, 9, and 10 of the M6. Veggie Fellas sits in a row of shops on Caldmore Road, its had a new shop front and decorated well inside. When we visited it had a few in, mainly families. Which was cool. Whilst inside we observed phone orders and deliveries were being taken regularly whilst we were there.

Please note there are no alcoholic drinks at this venue. The selection of soft drinks is very limited (Pepsi, Vimto, and Sunkist all dispensed – there’s no bottled or canned drinks here folks), there are also a selection of milkshakes available.

The Food:

Peri Peri Veggie Fellas Sizzler: The sizzler arrives and the portion size is a healthy size for 2 growing lads sharing. The mixed grill comprises of mock chicken, mock fish, sausage, mock lamb and Paneer. All resting on bed of onions, green peppers, and mushrooms, dressed with Peri Peri sauce. The presentation is spot-on as can be seen in the picture. It actually came out sizzling to our table.

The sizzler doesn’t just look great it tastes great too. The texture and spice are spot on. I’m going to put my neck on the line and say we’ve not had a better sizzler than this to date, it really is that amazing.

Now to check out the halloumi burger and fries:

I opted for a haloumi burger with fries to accompany the sizzler. Unfortunately, after the high of the sizzler this didn’t quite match that. I was surprised that the halloumi wasn’t as salty as I’d have imagined, which is a good thing. The size is small, but then halloumi is quite heavy and filling. There was just no wow factor with the burger, or maybe we were spoilt with the sizzler.


The location isn’t the greatest and parking is a struggle. The sizzler as we’ve mentioned is the best we’ve had so far. The burger was missing the wow factor but was still a decent effort. The place had a good family vibe to it. It was not overly busy, but they do take plenty of phone orders and make deliveries. So that might be a good option if you are looking to try these guys out.

The Sabji team enjoyed our time at Veggie Fellas, the grill is something you all need to try. This was the highlight of the visit. 100% we will be returning.

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