#VeggieBites – Kings Lounge, Birmingham

Kings Lounge 
304 High Street
B66 3PA, 
Tel 0121 565 5800

Fit for Kings and Queens to Feast ? We visit the venue to hunt some sabji.


Situated on Smethwick High St, The Kings Lounge is not hard to spot, it stands alone opposite Victoria Park as you enter Cape Hill from Smethwick. It has its own parking and you know your car is safe, the car park is clean as is the outside of the building, well it has to be if it’s the Kings Lounge!


On walking in, it’s got the wow factor, the big leather chairs and the Artwork and books on display really make it feel special. We are seated in the waiting area, which on this occasion is a pleasure to wait for a table, which we had pre-booked.

Customer service

The initial delay in us getting our table was quickly addressed, by one member of staff and that was a good sign, we did have issues with our food getting mixed up when we ordered, we highlighted this and it was soon put right, we were served with a smile by most, a couple of them looked nervous, the place was busy though, maybe new staff jitters ?


Very family orientated and chilled out environment seems to be the goal, and they have hit the target with that vision. Families chatting and the hub bub of conversation is a refreshing change from sport on TV or loud music.



The Kings Lounge does not serve alcohol, you can not take alcohol with you either, so you have been told. The lack of alcohol is made up for with a great selection of soft drink cocktails that will ensure that whilst eating your food, you will not be missing alcohol.



Paneer Tikka: Great flavours and well cooked, Paneer at times can taste flat, but this was full of flavour and hit the spot.

Tandoori Fish Tikka: A couple of our party love fish and were dubious as to what this dish could offer, they were soon convinced as the soya pieces were impressive.


Spicy South Indian Murgh: Spicy, wow, lol, it did state that though, the dish is creative, and onion fans will love this.

Keema Muttar: The amount of ginger in the dish was a bit too much for us in this dish, though it was cooked well and delivered well, it just lacked the magic of the previous dishes.

Anjeer Kofta Curry:Everything was here for a great dish, but on this occasion it felt bland, it was hot, cooked well but didn’t really hit the spot with us.

Goan Michi Curry: This was the highlight, the creamy sauce the use of flavours and the bay leaves all combined extremely well, this impressed us all, you have got to try this if you plan to go to the Kings Lounge.


The whole venue is spotless, no issues at all!

The Kings Lounge has a lot going for it, and if you are going out as a large group/family then this has to be added to your list, the food is good the place is clean and the interior is brilliant.  The dishes all delivered something fresh, with Goan Michi Curry being an absolute show stealer, the staff overall were very warming even when we had an issue it was dealt with promptly.

If you are Vegetarian/Vegan or just fancy a change, this place is well worth a visit, Solid 8.2/10


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