#VeggieBites – Pure Vegi, Birmingham (B21 9NA)


Pure Vegi is one of a growing number of pizza and fast food outlets catering for the vegetarian and vegan community. The Midlands seems to be a hot spot for vegetarian places using soya and seitan to create their “mock meats”, add to that the use of a Punjabi favourite – Paneer. Pure Vegi have tried to cover all bases by having an extensive menu which ranges from Pizza to pasta to noodles to burgers to naan wraps to curries(and breathe). For the health conscious they have recently added a juice bar which uses fresh fruit and veg. They have also just launched an improved mixed grill which we put to the test.


Pure Vegi is well situated in the heart of the Handsworth area of Birmingham, its only 5 mins from the M5. The Hawthorns stadium is again about 5 mins away. Villa Park is approx 15 mins away. Soho Road is also very easily commutable from Birmingham Centre. Soho Road is a very busy road, and the surrounding area is highly populated so parking is difficult during the day.

Appearance & Entry:

Pure Vegi has a typical shop front look to it from the outside. The decor is inviting, and even the furniture is well laid out and looks good. When we visited the occupancy was just below 50%, so the atmosphere was decent, there was a group of young lads, and a young family. Pure Vegi do take away and deliveries, so their business model is most likely aimed at that clientele. There is seating capacity for around 30 people. Please note there are no wash room facilities available for customers at this venue.


Please note there are no alcoholic drinks at this venue. There is a large selection of soft drinks and there are a variety of milkshakes, and hot beverages available. We’ve already mentioned the juice bar earlier.

It Begins:

We order our food at the counter, the staff are helpful and polite. The tables and cutlery are clean.

Our food arrives within 15 minutes of ordering, we believe that is fairly reasonable given that they are very quiet

The Food:

Mixed grill: the mixed grill arrives and the portion size is on the light side in my opinion. The mixed grill consists of Paneer, and Soya chunks dressed as barbecue chicken, tandoori chicken and kebab strips, all resting on bed of onions.

The mixed grill is good but there’s no real wow factor, the Paneer is in my opinion the best part of the grill. The kebab strips are very dry in particular. The other mock meats were better but it always seemed as if there was something missing or lacking.

Now check out the Wrap:

I opted for the barbecue chicken naan wrap. The barbecue chicken was the same as was used in the mixed grill. Again it was a good dish but there was no kick to it or a wow factor.


It’s got a great location, and the food is good without being amazing (maybe we should have tried the noodles, pasta, or Curries). There mixed grill needed more content as it looked light.

The atmosphere was good whilst we were there. The fact there’s no wash room is a big concern and perhaps emphasises the fact that its main trade is from take away and deliveries. The decor is inviting and fresh, and the place is kept clean.

So for the above reasons we give Pure Vegi a 7.4 out of 10


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