#VeggieBites – The Covered Wagon, Birmingham


The Covered Wagon
298 Yardley Wood Road
Moseley, Birmingham,  B13 9JW Tel: 0121 449 3230

Once a traditional pub, The Covered Wagon has now been given a new lease of life as a ‘desi pub’.

We visit the venue to hunt some sabji.


Situated on the Yardley Wood Road, the bars and shops of Moseley Village are not far away. It is a residential area and may be a bit out the way if you’re not local, so the best way to get here other than buses numbers 2 and 3 from Birmingham, would be by car. There is adequate parking at the rear of the property.


Looks like the familiar old traditional boozer we’d been used to seeing, but decked out with a new dining area. You get the impression straight away that this place is geared towards the food and is no longer a traditional pub.

Customer service

Service is quick and friendly. Staff look like a well oiled machine moving about the place. I order poppadoms at the bar with the food order and they’re sat at the table before I am.

I’ve been to many desi pubs before and they should take note of the customer service here. A warm welcome on arrival and an efficient service throughout. Excellent.


It’s a mid-week evening and it’s a relaxed vibe with couples and families dotted about the dining area. A very mixed crowd which is great to see.

May differ on a weekend, we will have to check that out sometime.


Beer lovers are quite well looked after here with 3 handpulls of ale at the bar. When we visited 2 hand pulls were on, which were Purity Gold and Traditional English Ale from Hogs Back Brewery. Draught lager included Amstel, Hop House 13 Lager, Peroni and Cobra.


The vegetarian sizzler arrives on a bed of grilled onions. It’s not as big as say a meat mix grill you may have seen elsewhere, but it’s enough for the two of us. The veggie kebab is well spiced, not at all dry which was a concern when we ordered.

The grilled peppers are charred and cooked just right. Large plump soya kebabs are flavoursome and a wel‐ come meaty texture on the grill, I could easily eat a few of these, probably the best thing on the grill. They’ve

of these, probably the best thing on the grill. They’ve got them spiced and cooked just right. A good effort. Paneer is cooked just right, just isn’t as flavoursome as the rest of the grill, but that’s ok with us.

The addition of a samosa in the mixed grill is puzzling me, but who doesn’t love a good samosa right? (Well maybe Donald Trump if you offered him one. He’d probably think it was Mexican).

However the samosas and are lacking masala and spices. Almost having no flavour.

The main of channa masala comes out with plain naan and garlic naan. The naans are buttery and soft, no complaints.

The chana masala is ok, but just seems to be lacking something. Some tamarind sauce on top or on the side maybe would have helped, but we look forward to trying the other curries on the menu, which I’m glad to report are plentiful. On this occasion we didn’t have room for a 2nd curry as the portions are generous.


Tables were getting cleaned pretty much right away as customers were leaving.General cleanliness was is of a good standard.

Overall 7.7 out 10

This review is based on our vegetarian experience and will differ from other reviews.

The Covered Wagon has made a decent attempt at the veggie mixed grill. The soya tikka and kebabs were tasty. We maybe would have liked to see more on the grill, possibly the option of a slightly larger one for a bigger group, but as a veggie option goes it’s certainly not a bad one at all.

The place has been warmly received and is off to a good start. A good addition to south Birmingham.


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