#VeggieBites The Soho Tavern, Handsworth, Birmingham



Access to The Soho Tavern is easy enough if,  the Aston Expressway is clear, or if Soho Road has had a tram line fitted rather than the 1 million buses per hour that travel up and down it. 10mins from the M6 junction 6/ 15 minutes from the M5 junction 1, Park Rd is easy enough to find.

Appearance & Entry:

From the outside the Soho Tavern looks like it has been refurbished, the new grey and white theme works well. Parking is an issue, there are plenty of roads and streets to park down but no designated car park is available, be aware of this when planning your trip.


The Soho Tavern is a pub so alcohol is available, for non-alcohol drinkers there is a good selection of non alcoholic drinks and juices, for alcohol drinkers, you will not be disappointed, the range on offer is fantastic.


One of the most impressive things about the Soho Tavern is the speed in which food is delivered and cooked, it’s always fresh and no matter how busy you very rarely are left waiting over 25 mins.

After 20 minutes our food is delivered to the table, in fact we watched all the dishes being prepared, love an open kitchen.

The vegetarian mixed grill consists of Paneer pakora, veg kebab, chilli paneer and veg tikka, will the separate elements blend together though?

Mixed Grill

The Paneer pakora may not sound anything special, but it is full of flavour and is certainly the stand out of the grill, the veg kebab is tasty and cooked well like all the other elements, and happily for me the flavours have dripped into the onions leaving them well spiced and tasty, the mixed grill was very impressive. The veg tikka is appealing and maybe next time we will try this as a starter by itself.

Now to check out the Curries:

Channa Masala: This is fantastic exactly as we used to make at home lol, the sauce and spices have blended together to create a sauce that is really impressive, it tastes so fresh,the chick peas are cooked well and unlike some places do not feel cheap and empty, you can really taste the spice and effort, fantastic.

Chilli Panner : The surprising thing when the dish got delivered was the fact that the paneer had been fried and was surrounded by a batter, The batter was not oily, it was crisp and tasted fresh, the batter was very light (lighter than it looked). The paneer inside the batter still tasted fresh it had not become chewy, but instead had remained fresh and full of flavour.


The Soho Tavern has forged itself  a good reputation with Desi pub goers , it does many things well and meat eaters flock here, we wondered whether the veggie options provided were a token gesture but on visiting, we actually walk away feeling extremely well fed and satisfied by the food we have just eaten.

A large amount of veggie and vegan dishes dishes are on offer and hopefully they will attract more non meat lovers as we are convinced they can make these dishes appeal to all.

The Channa Masala was the best dish and really did impress all of us, it was fresh, well cooked and even the meat eaters with us wanted more.

The Soho Tavern is well worth a visit and we enjoyed our time here, the speed of service is impressive, we was in and out in just over 1 hour. We give the Soho Tavern a solid 8.5/10


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