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Veggie Hut is well situated in the Smethwick area of Birmingham, its only 5 mins from the M5 (J1). The Hawthorns stadium is again about 5 mins away. There is also the Rolf street railway station close by. Villa Park is approx 20 mins away. The High Street is also very easily commutable by the regular bus service (number 87) to Birmingham Centre. Parking is a slight issue on the High Street, we parked on one of the side streets.

Appearance & Entry:

The Veggie Hut has a typical shop front look to it from the outside. The décor is a bland all white colour. There is a distinct lack of atmosphere compared to other places we have visited, and it does seem the main cliental for Veggie Hut would be the delivery and take away customers. There is seating capacity for around 25 people, but there were 3 other eat in customers during our visit. Please note there are no wash room facilities available for customers at this venue (you have to go across to the red cow over the road if you have a call of nature.


Please note there are no alcoholic drinks at this venue. The selection of soft drinks is mainly coke and sprite. For the younger kids they do have a selection of fruit shoots. In addition to the fizzy drinks there are a variety of milkshakes, hot beverages, and lassi available.

It Begins:

We order our food at the counter, the staff are helpful and polite p.s don’t pay with old £10 notes though, apparently the boss doesn’t want them. We ask for a menu leaflet to take away, but they don’t have any and tell us to take a photo of the menu at the front desk. We head to the table below one of the 2 TV screens. The tables and cutlery are clean.

Our food arrives within 10 minutes of ordering, we believe that is fairly reasonable given that they are very quiet

The Food:

Mixed grill: The mixed grill arrives and the portion size is a healthy size for 2 growing lads sharing. The mixed grill comprises of Paneer, and Soya chunks dressed as tandoori chicken and lamb, all resting on bed of onions, peppers, and mushrooms.

Soya: The texture and appearance is spot on. They are a good size and taste good too. Could do with a bit more spice in our opinion.The lamb chunks again like the chicken pieces are tasty and a good size. Again, there’s no spice kick which would give it that little extra oomph.

Paneer: Once again the lack of spice is the only real drawback on the paneer, can’t complain about the portion and taste overall.

Sheesh: The grill also has a sheesh kebab sausage, this was the least favorite part of the grill. It had no taste and was slighltly bland.

Now check out the Wrap:

The Lamb mint wrap with chilli sauce is brilliant, nice size chunks, taste succulent, and the mint sauce and chilli sauce combo hits the spot. This is deffo the best dish today.

We had a side of fries, but to be honest they were way too salty, I’m not impressed with these.

There are a selection of desserts, but as we are preparing our bodies for the summer we give them a miss today.


It’s got the ideal location, and the food is of a good standard, the wrap in my opinion was excellent. There needed to be more spice in the mixed grill, and the sheesh sausage needs a re think.

The lack of atmosphere is a major drawback when compared to other joints. The fact there’s no wash room is also a big concern and perhaps further emphasises the fact that its main trade is from take away and deliveries. The décor is bland, although the place is kept clean.

So for the above reasons we give Veggie Hut a 6.8 out of 10, it would score higher if atmosphere and appearance weren’t scoring factors and if it was all just about the food.

If you are not sitting in, and just taking away, the menu is extensive and should be tried, defiantly a take-away place.


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