#VeggieBites – The Warehouse Cafe (Digbeth)


The Warehouse Cafe (B5 5TH)


The Warehouse Cafe is located in the Digbeth area of Birmingham City Center, you are a 15 minute walk away from the bustling city center and 10mins drive to either St Andrews or Villa Park, a must if visiting the City.

Appearance & Entry:

The Warehouse is very old school from the outside, it looks just like an old house, yet the place screams character from the outside.

Upon walking in, you have to double take as to whether you are in the same building, its bright; it’s modern and yet holds the character from the exterior, which is impressive.


Alcoholic drinks are available, vegan beers and ciders are all on display, but it’s freezing and the hot drinks offered are fantastic ( if you are vegan, the milk can be replaced with organic soy, oak and coconut milk) so it’s tea for me and juice for the partner, the soft drink range and options are quite ranging.

It Begins:

We order our food and take our seats, I would recommend you book, should you wish to come in party of 2+ as the place is busy and they also do take outs, so the kitchen is very busy.


Starters, we ordered pan fried halloumi salad, this was a really good starter with the chilli citrus dressing really hitting the spot, the dressing did not over power the dish and we were able to taste all the freshness in the dish.

We ordered two mains, I went with the Katsu Curry and my partner went for the Warehouse burger, the Katsu Curry was really enjoyable with the sticky rice adding to it, when rice is done correctly it adds a spark to a dish, this is a dish I recommend. The Warehouse Burger was good the quinoa and spinach burger patty was tasty but lacked a real spark like the curry main, well cooked and tasty, but I guess the curry spoiled us.

The desserts on display look fantastic, and tempting, we opted for the Chocolate Brownie and Custard apple bake. The brownie tasted as good as it looked and the soy Ice cream worked perfectly what a great choice. The custard apple bake was a hit, the custard was creamy and flavorsome, the puff pastry was almost perfection, an absolute winner.


From the outside the place looks classy, yes it’s an old building but the subtle little touches keep it in character and looking appealing,  the interior is fresh light and cosy and yet holds the character of the building, the attention to detail is fantastic.

Hygiene wise the Warehouse has no issues, it’s clean and the smell of fresh food wafts through the building and adds to the charm.

It’s good to see a menu that does not need a month to read, the dishes on offer appeal the drinks are plentiful so why do some places just over indulge in what they offer, the warehouse knows what it is good at and treats you to them, this is a must for people who enjoy vegetarian or vegan food, and if you are a meat lover, why not give this place a go if you wish to try something different.

For the above reasons we score The Warehouse Cafe  9.1/10 – Vegan/Veggie this place is a must!


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