Velly – Bal E Lasara, Gurlej Akhtar, Music Deep Jandu Lyrics Karen Aujla


Royal Music Gang are becoming as unpredictable as Humble Music, this is the latest Punjabi song from them ‘Velly’ sang by Bal E Lasara and Gurlej Akhtar, the music is by Deep jandu and the lyrics are provided by Karan Aujla, all seems pretty consistent?

Humble music started of with a vision of only delivering quality, but soon found out that to have a viable business on YouTube you need to be releasing tracks almost every other day, and that saw a massive dip in quality. Royal Music Gang are now facing the same issues, the platform that started off with quality products is now sliding in sub par tracks like ‘Velly’ – this will be more damaging long term as people pick and choose what to watch and subscribe too.


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