Vicky Kaushal ‘Udham Singh Is A Freedom Fighter Everyone Should Know’


As filming continues for the Udham Singh biopic starring Vicky Kaushal, the lead has opened up about his feelings for the Punjabi freedom fighter. Vicky Kaushal has spoken about how he grew up in Punjab listening to stories of Udham Singh and what an honour it is to bring his story to the big screen.

“Being a Punjabi, I have grown up hearing Udham Singh’s story. He is not as widely known [as the other freedom fighters], but being a Punjabi boy rooted in the culture, I was ecstatic about doing the movie,” smiles the actor. Bringing the story of a national hero to celluloid is as much a responsibility as a matter of pride.
Kaushal stresses that under the watchful eyes of director Shoojit Sircar, the film has decoded the enigma that was Udham Singh. “People know of him in broad strokes, but this film delves into his psyche. I used to get emotional on set every day as I kept discovering the character. It moved me to think of this young man and his hunger for freedom.”

Vicky Kaushal had taken to social media last year to also make his feeling aware:  “Today marks the 120th birth anniversary of Sardar Udham Singh. Portraying a character is one thing. But understanding the way they viewed the world, reliving their emotions is another. I don’t know how much closer I will get to what went inside your head and heart. But I do know that with every scene that I play you, something inside me alters forever. Sardar Udham Singh (26thDec1899-31stJuly1940)”

The Udham Singh Biopic is scheduled for release on Oct 2nd 2020.

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