Video Goes Viral As Husband Beats Wife’s Lover To Death With Help From Brother in Laws & Father In Law


Ludhiana: A week after a 23-year-old lab technician was brutally thrashed to death for allegedly having an illicit relationship with a married woman in Gopal Nagar of Tibba Road, the video of the incident in which the accused were brutally beating the man with sticks has gone viral on the social media. The Tibba police have already arrested three accused — the husband (Jagjeet Singh), father (Jaswant Singh), and brother-in-law of the woman (Vinod Kaushal) — while two other accused are still at large.

It is alleged that truck driver Jagjeet Singh (32) of Gopal Nagar suspected his wife Simranjit Kaur of having illicit relations with Gurwinder Singh (23), a lab technician of Kaalewal village. It is alleged that on the night of January 27, Jagjeet caught Gurwinder in his house. He called his accomplices there and beat up his wife and Gurwinder, taking the help of his brother Ranjeet, father-in-law Jaswant Singh of Meharban, brother-in-law Kulbeer Singh of Meharban, and Vinod Kaushal of Gopal Nagar. On January 29, the Tibba police arrested Jagjeet (30), Jaswant (60), and Vinod (45) from Tajpur Road.

In the videos, Jagjeet — with Simranjit’s father Jaswant, and her brother Kulbeer — were continuously beating Gurwinder with sticks. While Ranjeet was shooting the incident, Vinod was standing with him, watching the incident. The accused were beating the duo in the presence of Jagjeet and Simranjit’s children. Further, Jagjeet was also questioning Simranjit over her relationship with Gurwinder, and asking her who made the first move to establish contact. He was also asking her how she allowed Gurwinder to enter the house, when was denying her relationship with him.

Tibba police station SHO inspector Mohammad Jamil said: “The arrested accused have confessed they did not want to kill Gurwinder. They beat him up and videographed the incident so that they could humiliate him later. The accused also took the injured Gurwinder and Simranjit to hospital, where Gurwinder died, after which the accused escaped from hospital. Now, these videos are the biggest evidence against the accused.”

On asking about the absconding accused, inspector Jamil said the police teams were conducting raids to arrest Ranjeet and Kulbeer, but suspect both might have left the city.


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