Virasat Sandhu Jatt Da Future – Latest Punjabi Song 2020


Wedding season is almost in full swing in India. So get ready for more and more Punjabi wedding songs all aiming to make those early wedding playlists. Jatt Da Future is the new release from Virasat Sandhu that is hoping to stand out among the planned releases with a quirky angle.

Is the song strong enough to last the pace of the whole wedding season? That is a tough one. Does it work as a part of a wedding playlist, possibly, but not on the big day. Jatt Da Future is a quirky bitter, love song that does have us singing along. The song has lyrics from Tej-Inder Patwa and they do touch a nerve for some of us lol. Virsat Sandhu, vocally is on point, a good clean delivery which does keep you listening throughout.

Sukh Brar has produced the song, and it is a good commercial instrumental. It has all the elements of a commercial Punjabi song. Overall the song is well delivered, but it just may lack that mass appeal to make it stand tall during the plethora of releases for this coming wedding season.

Check out the video here to Virasat Sandhu Jatt Da Future:

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