Vishal Dadlani Warns He Will Sue – But Did He Forget What He Did?


Vishal Dadlani took to social media and posted the following: Warning. Do NOT remix Vishal and Shekhar songs without our permission, due credit & payments. I will come for you hard, legally. Especially the musicians doing it. This will become very, very personal, even if you are a friend.

This was then followed up by a tweet where he reiterated the same message:

Yet let us take a look at the work Vishal Dadlani himself has put together! Including Punjabi makeovers where credit was never given:

How can the man who failed to give credits now come out all guns blazing! Sorry, #Bollywood you have indeed become a parody of yourself! Artists who are supporting him also need to look at themselves as the word contradiction is something that you are waking up to!

Who can forget this abomination to a Punjabi classic?

The Original

The Cover 

Here is further evidence that Bollywood can no longer hide behind the veil of secrecy when producing such songs!

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