Visiting Punjab & Chandigarh Soon? New Traffic Rules & Fines – Explained


Travelling to Punjab anytime soon? Do you plan to drive whilst there? Well, if the answer is yes then a whole host of new rules are in place that you may not be aware of. One police officer ASI Bhupinder Singh of Chandigarh Police has decided to let everyone know the new rules through song! Why not?

Here are some of the new rules and fines that ASI Bhupinder Singh is singing about:
  • Driving without a seat belt, it will now be fined Rs 1000 instead of Rs 300.
  • For triple riding on a two-wheeler, it will cost Rs 1000 instead of Rs 100.
  • Driving without helmet it will attract the fine of Rs 1000 and suspension of license for three months, which used to be just Rs 200.
  • In case of not giving the way to the ambulance, it will charge you Rs 10000, which used to be nil.

Similarly, there are several penalties for violations of traffic rules. Meanwhile, the song is perfectly sung by ASI Bhupinder Singh, whose lyrics are perfectly matched with the current situation after the new traffic rules have been implemented.


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