Want To Split A Main Meal? £1.50 For The Plate Please


You know the score, you go for a meal, and sometimes you just want to share a main, so you split the meal and the starter, well one restaurant in London has had enough. If you wish to split a meal, an extra plate/cutlery will now be charged at £1.50.

Susana Canha, manager at the Sorrento Cafe in south London complained that too many people have been coming in large groups but only ordering one or two meals and then sharing them. She has now put up signs that read: ‘A spare plate and cutlery will be a charge of £1.50 added to your bill.’

Ms Canha said: ‘We served a table of four, but there were only two plates and four people were sharing. ‘Lots of people are doing it – God knows, it’s probably economics.

‘For me, I’m running a business and it’s hard. I pay my staff. We don’t charge for service.’ But the new rules are said to have angered some – with one man walking out of the cafe in West Norwood when he spotted the sign.

Ms Canha says most of her meals are £5 or less – some of the cheapest prices in the area. There is usually a queue outside the cafe at lunch time when people take up tables with just one or two plates of food, she said. ‘My regulars understand,’ Ms Canha added. Sorrento’s Cafe in West Norwood, South London, has queues every lunch time – but some customers don’t order food

(Read the story in full here via the Metro)


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