Watch As Sikh Protest Organisers Are Fined For Covid Breach


This is the moment a Sikh activist is fined £10,000 for breaching Covid regulations by organising a 4,000-strong protest in London to support Indian farmers.

The dramatic moment two Metropolitan Police officers confronted protest organiser Depa Singh and hit him with the fine was captured on camera.

On camera Mr Singh, 39, says: ‘For arranging a gathering under COVID restrictions, we’re standing in solidarity with our farmers in Punjab, they fined me £10,000.’

Mr Singh told MailOnline that he has no regrets about organising the march, despite being warned by police at the start of it that he faced a fine if it went ahead.

He said: ‘£10,000 is a lot of money but if that’s what the police want to do then we’ll see what happens. I’m not sorry for anything I did, and my lawyers are looking into this matter.

‘I don’t understand why the Black Lives Matter protests were allowed to go ahead and none of the organisers were fined. This was also a political march and this issue means a lot to the Sikh community, so I want to know why we are being victimised?’

News of the hefty fine received widespread coverage in India where £10,000 is the equivalent of around ten years salary for most ordinary workers.

Mr Singh, who works for a UK based Sikh community organisation accused the police of disrupting the organisation of Sunday’s march and preventing it from taking place in a COVID-secure way.

He fumed: ‘We advised all those taking part to observe social distancing and wear face masks and even put this out on social media before the march took place. Then the police started interfering and complicated things.

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