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Harpz Kaur Interview: Over the last few years, Punjabi music fans had bemoaned the lack of support the scene was getting from various UK Media outlets. Punjabi music fans felt like Punjabi music had been put on a back burner. But every genre needs a game changer!

One DJ who never stopped supporting Punjabi music and especially Bhangra is Harpz Kaur from the BBC Asian Network. This lady went against the grain! And we loved it!

It wasn’t just Punjabi music that Harpz supported, but the Bhangra dance scene had her full support. Viral videos of Harpz performing gripped the attention of music fans and in turn, Harpz Kaur has become a household name. Harpz Kaur became the driver for the Punjabi scene.

So, we have to ask, 10 years ago the scene was very different from today. If someone at that point had mentioned to you that a female would be the media face of Bhangra music representation, would you have believed them?

Harpz: Absolutely not! I still find that hard to believe now! It’s very flattering lol. But on a real – I don’t think I would have believed it, because I know how hard it is for young Asian Females to come forward anyway. So knowing one of them would be seen as the face of Bhangra music – sounds very unlikely. But I can’t tell you enough, how happy I am right now. To know that my love and passion for the music scene is looked at so closely – makes me so happy and proud to be Panjabi. I hope to continue inspiring others to come forward and do the same thing.

Your passion for Bhangra music and the Punjabi scene oozes out, but how hard is it repping such a male-dominated scene? You touched on Asian Females (lack off) in the scene would you convince more females to get involved with the scene?

Harpz:  100% I would convince them. Unfortunately, this industry is seen to be extremely male-dominated. In order to push those boundaries, we need the talent hiding behind the scenes – to step forward and do what they have to do. Whether that be on screen or off, don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can’t do. Anything in this world is possible.

Anything is possible, so that said how vital was it for you to launch the BBC Asian Networks Bhangra Project? And what was the key driver for you wanting to get involved?

Harpz: The Bhangra Project is exciting! It’s a new way of finding hidden talent. I felt it was important for me to be involved – not only because of my love for the scene but because I really want to be able to help someone change their life.

The Bhangra Project like everything you seem to get involved with is a huge project, How does Harpz Kaur manage her schedule? And for others looking in, is the media field about hard work or who you know?

Harpz: How do I manage my schedule? Hmmm, I don’t lol! Just playing. It’s hard, it really really is. It’s not ALWAYS who you know (it definitely does help) but it’s not everything, honest. Hard work, determination and passion is the key. As long as you have those things – you’re gonna be fine! Never stop trying and remember NOTHING comes easy.

The three finalists of The Bhangra Project will be announced on November 18th. what would you like to see the Bhangra Project deliver for the winner?

Harpz: For the Bhangra Project, I would like to see the winner putting in all the effort they can. I want the BBC to provide the correct mentoring for this future artist, a solid producer to work with and the exposure they deserve.

 Just gives us a round-up of what things Harpz is doing next and currently and what people should watch out for

Harpz: Harpz is ALWAYS on the go man! Lol, no rest for the wicked! I never plan these things so I’m hoping my next chapter or next exciting project is a good one! I’m always open to trying new things. But watch out for another cameo in a music video.

A huge thank you to Harpz for taking time out of her busy schedule and chatting to us here at DEX (Daily Entertainment Xpress) and ANOTHER CAMEO IN A MUSIC VIDEO!!!!! Hmmm, now that has got us thinking…

“Listen to The Asian Network Breakfast Show with Harpz Kaur Monday to Friday from 6am on BBC Asian Network”


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