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Wedding season is in full swing in India.  And, we all know that no wedding is complete without a Sharry Mann song or two. Wedding Song by Sharry Mann is one song he hopes you will be adding to his already long list of wedding/mehfil bangers. Maple Music has released this new song from Sharry Mann. Will it be on your wedding playlist though?

One man who knows how to deliver hits is Sharry Mann. Wedding Song which is his latest release was dropped without much hype. But, it certainly has picked up some momentum since its release on the weekend. Music for the song is by Inder Dhammu and he delivers a solid Sharry Mann type instrumental. The production is light-hearted, not overly complicated and it does keep you listening.

This is Sharry Mann doing what he does best. Witty lyrics with more than a hint of realism are married with a straight-up comedy video. If you have been to a wedding in Punjab this song will make sense. Uninvited guests, who then invite their friends lol. Food going missing with people left wondering ‘who are these people’. Wedding Song by Sharry Mann work for us just for the sheer comedy value!

Song Credits : Song : Wedding Song Singer : Sharry Mann Lyrics & Director : Bhindder Burj Music : Inder Dhammu Video : Burj Shah Group Online Promotions – Gold Media Project by – Satpal Dhaliwal Mix and Mastering : Amit Monga Online Review: Daily Entertainment Xpress (DEX)

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