Wedding Speech Goes Viral! Reaction Justified? Criminal Past Of Speech Maker Revealed (via @RealDesPardes)


It was a Friday evening and the bride and groom had just sat down for their wedding reception, the biggest night of their lives so far. Now, we have all been there, someone grabs the mic, and they either want to sing or make a speech, but sometimes the speech is not what you expect and this certainly was not it.

The guy making the speech – Jacky Jhaj, have you heard of him? Well this may jog your memory!

Mr Jhaj who was recently released from prison, certainly did make the event his own, and by the looks on the brides faces she did not enjoy it one bit, so if you are Inviting Mr Jhaj to a wedding, please note: Keep him away from the mic.

For more public reaction check out the reaction to the original tweet from @RealDesPardes 



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