Wedding Turns Into A Brawl When Guests Decide They Do Not Like The Food!


Indians love weddings, and what do they love more than a good wedding dance off… A good old fashioned pushing and shoving match, and a wedding in New Delhi managed to capture this shoving match on video.

The incident occurred at the Piccadilly Hotel, Janakpuri. Reports suggest that guests were not satisfied with the quality of food, rather than taking this up with management the guests at the wedding decided to attack the waiters and kitchen staff, you know what us Indians are like, cut out the middle man.

Furniture, crockery and other properties were destroyed and the staff were brutally beaten.

In the video, you can see the guests involved in the brawl.

The brides family came from Vikaspuri while the groom’s family had come from Uttam Nagar for the ceremony.

Both parties took part in the violence and the police are now studying video to make further arrests, it is not clear what was on the menu at the wedding and no one has come forward with a review of the food….India hey!


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