Wedding Videographer Shot Dead At Wedding – Body Put To One Side As Celebrations Continue


Wedding Videographer Shot Dead: The issue of celebratory fire at weddings/parties in India has once again raised its ugly head. A videographer was killed in celebratory firing during a wedding ceremony in Samastipur district of Bihar late on Thursday.

The incident took place at the Railway club where the wedding reception was thrown by an employee. While dancing, a man can be seen loading a gun and then firing it. Vijay Kumar was hit and died at the scene.

Kumar died on the spot leading to a commotion at the function. The body then was picked up and moved to a different part of the reception so that the celebrations could continue!

A case against reckless firing has been lodged and an investigation has been launched to identify the accused. The investigating cops are examining the video footages as part of their probe.

A videographer died in celebratory firing during a wedding procession in Bihar’s Hajipur. Ironically, the celebration continued even after the incident. People participating in the wedding left the victim to die and continued the celebration. Watch the Wedding Videographer Shot Dead here.


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