Week 28 of 2018 – Gurlez Hits Release 38 of 2018!!


We know we have a soft spot for Gurlej(z) Akhtar, but even we are know picking and choosing which songs to feature, as the sheer volume of tracks coming out is becoming staggering. 38 in 2018 so far, and that includes a period of 3 weeks without a release earlier this year!

We are unsure if Sidhu Moosewala has had more leaked tracks this year or if Gurlez has had more official releases, that is something we should tally up lol. So week 28 of 2018 has seen 3 more release from Gurlez and we are left wondering how the hell she does it. We used to be miffed that she was not in her own videos, then, we realized, how the hell can you be shooting 38 videos in different locations, no wonder models are used!

Anyway here are this weeks (so far) releases from Gurlez Akhtar, In order of preference.




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