Week Commencing Monday 26th November – The Biggest Week For UK Bhangra in 2018?


2018 has been a more productive year for the once dominant UK Bhangra scene than the previous year or so, but is the best yet to come? After this mornings announcements on social media it very much looks that way.

Tru Skool confirmed via a tweet the release date for ‘Jatt Da Flag’ which is joint track with Jazzy B and Kaur B, hot on the heels of that announcement, Diljit Dosanjh, confirmed the release of his ‘Jind Mahi’ song alongside UK producer Manni Sandhu. Aside to that, the UK’s most successful singer of 2018, Gurj Sidhu had already previously announced his next release ‘Adha Pind’, let the games begin.

So here are the release dates in order; 
Jind Mahi – Diljit Dosanjh & Manni Sandhu – November 26th
Adha Pind – Gurj Sidhu  – November 28th 
Jatt Da Flag – Tru Skool, Jazzy B feat. Kaur B – November 29th 

Jind Mahi by Diljit Dosanjh and Manni Sandhu will be the first to release, and one thing is for sure Diljit is on a high, Putt Jatt Da has proved to be extremely popular in India, from the city bars to clubs, the song has caught the imagination of his new fans. Jind Mahi will see him soften his old fans in readiness for his Bhangra album that is set to be released in December, very clever move.

Manni Sandhu, should still be on the crest of a wave by time Jind Mahi releases, he started this week with the song ‘Challa’ feat. Gurj Sidhu which has been lauded as the stand out track from the BBC’s legalised project.  In addition to that his own release is due on Friday 23rd November, so all the elements are here to ensure Jind Mahi get’s launched with a huge amount of fan fare.

Adha Pind is set to be released on the 28th November by Gurj Sidhu, and no UK singer has made as big an impact globally as he has in 2018, he is the highest charting NRI in the Indian charts with his song “Dil Yaaran De’ (produced by multi talented UK producers Kaos Productions) even beating Sidhu Moose Wala’s ‘Just Listen’ which peaked at number 7, Gurj hit number 6. Adha Pind has got Gurj Sidhu’s ever growing fan base talking, and this single will bang on the day of it’s release.

Gurj Sidhu goes into release week on a high, as mentioned above, his song alongside Manni Sandhu ‘Challa’ for the BBC has ensured Gurj is to the fore of public attention as he goes into release week. A great 2018 could be sealed by Gurj with this release, which already has people in India buzzing.

Now release 3! This is the most talked about song, the most anticipated song and is something that should have happened years ago, Jazzy B alongside Tru Skool feat. Kaur B, as individuals these are huge, stick them on one track together and you can understand the hype being generated.

Tru Skool last release was JK’s “Shindeh Di Tape” and it certainly did strike a chord with desi music fans globally, bhangra teams globally now have the song as a part of their sets, and no party is complete unless the song is played at-least once, so going into the release of ‘Jatt Da Flag’ Tru Skool is on form.

Talking about form, Jazzy B is ready for the release of Jatt Da Flag, his last single is still on repeat globally, “Miss Karda” has Jazzy B’s fans all geared up for a desi release. Miss Karda, was a pop release and the song worked, it is getting played on rotation by radio stations globally, and in clubs across the globe too. But (always a but), it left his folk music fans wanting a desi banger, so the timing of Jatt da Flag could not be better, his desi music fans are gagging for this.

Kaur B, has had a good 2018, Budget was and is still a big track and the live scene has been very very welcoming for Kaur B this year. Kaur B has teamed up with Jazzy B previously and each time successfully, and we do not see this being any different. Just like Jazzy B, Kaur B, has a hardcore desi fan-base who want a desi banger, “Budget” appealed to her new fans, but those die hard fans want a desi banger and this could well be it.





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