Welcome To VR Concerts! Be On Stage With Your Favorite Artists


Can’t get tickets to see that one artist you really adore? Well how would you feel about joining them on stage, or actually picking a place to sit or stand instead, and then watching the whole event via a VR headset? Meoldy VR are now offering you that experiance

MelodyVR, the world’s first dedicated virtual reality music platform that enables fans to experience music performances in a revolutionary new way, is now available.

The revolutionary MelodyVR app offers music fans an incredible selection of immersive performances from today’s biggest artists. Fans are transported all over the world to sold-out stadium shows, far-flung festivals, and exclusive VIP sessions, and experience the music they love.

(Join Wiz Khalifa on stage, just click the link)

Wiz Khalifa

Imagine standing on stage alongside Diljit watching the crowds reaction, join Guru Randhawa performing across sold out venues from New York to Australia. This is what Melody VR is set to offer music fans.

Fall Out Boy

Over the coming months, MelodyVR will live stream concerts via Virtual Reality and offer virtual tickets to sold-out shows with the biggest artists, enabling an unlimited number of fans to attend in-demand concerts around the globe.

Or imagine, the artist that you love offering you an insight to an exclusive live set that no one can buy tickets for, so whilst you sit on your sofa, be the envy of all other fans, as you get to welcome the worlds best into your living room.



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