Romantic Test: What Kind Of Romantic Are You!


Romantic Test: Valentines is here and whilst some shun the event for many its the time to get all starry-eyed and declare one’s love for another. Are you being true to yourself though? We have used science and astrology to come up with a formula that will give you an insight into what kind of romantic you are, which kind of music gets you jiggy and where your ideal date location is!

So you ready to play the Romantic Test?

So the first letter of your first name defines the kind of lover you are!

Now, the battery % on your mobile phone defines what music you like to get all romantic too!

Your Romantic side has been selected and your music choice, now let’s talk Ideal dates!

So now, the final part, what is the last digit of your phone number, this defines your ideal date venue for Valentines

Let us know what you scored people! Was our new scientific formula aligned with the stars reflective of you on valentines??

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