When A Popular Music Video Clip Raises Questions!


Over the weekend an Instagram post from Punjabi singer ManavGeet Singh has got lovers of traditional Punjabi music excited. ManavGeet was joined on the clip by Punjabi writer Simran Kaur Dhadli. The clip which is below highlighted how good vocally they are and how much they love singing traditional songs. So what questions did it raise?

If ManavGeet can sing like this (and his insta is full of these kinds of short clips) why is he continuing to do songs that differ so much from this style? He has a unique skillset & people love the more traditional feel. So why not release more like this?

Music has fads and goes through stages, people will chase trends, so songs about hangovers and guns do seem popular so artists churn them out on a regular basis. That is the route that ManavGeet has taken, which is a shame as this clip that is doing the rounds certainly highlights how good he is vocally.

More like this from ManavGeet and he will see the gains in the long term. People were forwarding the clip not even knowing that he had released songs previously. Just goes to show – You may chase that short term gain, but you also then become that short term noise.

Ponny Pistol was the biggest release from ManavGeet Singh and it was more traditional. The music worked and his delivery was on point, the subject matter of the song was all too similar and the song failed to impact.  Will Manavgeet now stick to his more traditional style like in his recent clips? Or will short term gains still be the winner?


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