When ‘Copyright Jatt’ Tries To Claim ‘Verified Jatt’


Manni Sandhu and Gurj Sidhu dropped the promotional poster for the new single ‘Verified Jatt’ last week, the response was crazy both in the UK and Punjab, with fans of the pair sharing their love for the new single ‘Verified Jatt’.

So, let’s now roll forward to Sunday and the release of the promo for the track:

Once again the response was huge with fans globally buzzing off the promo to ‘Verified Jatt’, but little did Manni Sandhu know there was a storm brewing inside his instagram comments!! Well the storm turned into a hurricane when Dilraj Grewal claimed that the song was his, and that Manni Sandhu and Gurj Sidhu were infringing his copyright….

Dilraj Grewal was the singer on the Manni Sandhu release ‘Talk Is Cheap’

So what is the issue? Well it appears that Dilraj Grewal had sang a version of this song with Manni Sandhu and is upset that this song is going to be released by Manni and Gurj Sidhu. Dilraj uploaded a 15 second clip of the song and video he was in for the song Verified Jatt to his instagram, and all of a sudden his fans and management team started to berate Manni Sandhu online calling him a thief, dishonest and saying he would pay for using Dilraj’s track.

Instagram removed the 15 second video clip, due to copyright infringement, strange seen as Dilraj said he owned the version. It was only when Manni Sandhu talked about what happened did the truth come out…

So it seems that Dilraj may have been a bit backward in coming forward with the actual events surrounding his version of the song.

So let’s brake this down:

The song is owned by Sangra Vibes who wrote it and record a guide vocal for the song over 2 years ago for which Manni still has the date stamped files.

Yes Diljraj sang the song, but in October of 2018, after a dispute between Manni and Dilraj, Dilraj sent a legal notice to Manni Sandhu not to release anymore songs that featured his vocals, Verified Jatt being one of them.

Manni had invested 20 lakhs in Dilraj which is now dead, since the legal notice. Manni had recorded 3 songs with Dilraj, flown him to the UK, paid for studio time all of which is now dead money. Once the legal noticed had had been sent the song ‘Verified Jatt’ was once again back in the hands of the owner Sangra Vibes.

So ‘Verified Jatt’ was never owned by anyone other than Sangra Vibes, who has worked on the new track with Manni Sandhu and Gurj Sidhu in addition Manni Sandhu is 20 lakh out of pocket still!!

And they say they music scene has unity LOL!!

Verified Jatt is out on February 15th and from what we have heard, it will bang!


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