When Jumping On The Sidhu v Karan Beef Backfires!


We are all aware of the beef between Sidhu Moosewala and Karan Aujla, some have called it a publicity stunt and some have said it is genuine, either way, what you can not deny is how good the separate tracks were towards each other lyrically. Now Canadian based DSP has jumped on the bandwagon, but the reaction…..

For some reason this week DSP decided he wanted a piece of the pie, and he bought along his friends Deep Dollas and Juggie Hundal. The reaction from artists who are involved (in the original beef) and those around them was pretty unanimous – TAKE IT DOWN! Why get involved.

It is funny how in the song how DSP talks about the two guys wanting publicity, when, in reality is he not doing the same? To be honest, he does have some funny lines though, but sometimes you should just stay out!


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