When Photos Of Dara Singh Were Worshipped As The Original Hunuman


Born Deedar Singh Randhawa on November 19th 1928, Dara Singh went on to become an absolute Punjabi legend. Wrestler, actor and politician you name it and Dara Singh did it with class. He is also the only Punjabi to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. The man simply is a legend.

Today on his birth anniversary we look at a comical story about Dara Singh that led to him being worshipped in Mandhirs up and down India.


Ramanand Sagar was the director/producer of the hit show Ramayana. Dara Singh was offered the part of Hanuman, bearing in mind Dara Singh was sixty at the time, he became one of the stars of the show.

He became so popular with this show that people started worshipping him as Hanuman. All across India people started using Dara’s image from the show in temples and worshipping that as the actual Hanuman. Dara Singh when asked about it, was gobsmacked and did laugh about it.

People were told of their error but as the show Ramayana was so popular many people continued to view Dara Singh as ‘the’ Hanuman. He was after all the star of the show each week!!

To read more about Dara Singh and his life check out this interview with him prior to his passing.


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