When Poppin “Ace Of Spades” Suffers Due Bhangra Leaks


The music scene has always had a dark side, whether that be on a large scale with artists getting treated like whores by major record labels, or on a smaller scale which see’s people exploit the names of artists for personal gain, without any care or duty towards the individual they should be reppin’.

Over the last 2 years something of a trend has become quite apparent on the desi music scene that was never an issue in previous years (one exception being Dr Zeus and Lehmber) the leaking of tracks.

You can go to YouTube, and you can now find leaked songs by major Punjabi artists, the song quality on most occasions is quite often poor, but that aside, the leak of the song will cause major damage to the actual release of the track and the public’s perception of it.

Yesterday, one of the UK’s leading young talents had a years worth of work destroyed within 5 mins, with the leak of a song that he had wrote and poured his heart and soul into,

AS Dhami then took to social media to explain the situation and how it had impacted him and the release of a new track featuring two other young talented individuals Byg Byrd and Aman Yaar.

As you can see the whole saga left Dhami upset and fustrated with a scene that he had poured his heart and soul into. We caught up with Dhami to see what the song meant to him and how this may have happened!

How long had you and Aman Yaar been working on this track?

Dhami: Me and Aman Yaar have been working together behind the scenes for a few years on LOTS of projects that you’ll get to hear soon. When it came to the track ‘Ace of Spades’, I spoke to Aman on the phone and he said he’s making a track with Byg Byrd and I could write it if I wanted; I was like let’s do it.

Aman wanted me to incorporate the words ‘Brown Boys’ into the track somewhere and I began writing the track. I thought rather than just put those words somewhere in the track, we should make it a theme and base the track around that. The chorus is –

“Brown Boys Ehme Nahinyo Tag Rakheya, Chakke Att Jehrra Samjhe Oh Assi Chakkeya” which translates to We ain’t called Brown Boys for no reason; those that give it large get lifted – straight up!

Once I started, I had the whole track written over two days. Aman thought it was phat and when he showed it to Byrd he told me that dude LOVED it. I put my all into this song and it’s very different to anything released from me before.

Was the track a collaboration lyrically between you and Aman?

Dhami: In terms of writing the track, apart from requesting that I put in ‘Brown Boys’ into the track; Aman didn’t get involved and left me to my own devices. I made a rough melody which Aman changed to what you hear now however the lyrics was all me.

Me and Aman work closely and speak all the time so I intuitively know what he wants in tracks; he leaves me to it and I get the job done.

Like I said, this is the beginning. It’s a shame the tracks been leaked because we had planned so much but I guess it all happens for a reason. Whoever leaked it, I ain’t mad at cha!

Do you have any idea how the leak may have happened? 

Dhami: I’ve been around Tru-Skool since 2008 and I had JK – Gabru Panjab Dha Master on my laptop before release and the same with Diljit Dosanjh’s Back to Basics – both weeks, if not months, before release. I understand how delicate tracks are and how much hard work goes into them and because of this, I NEVER send any tracks to anybody.

There are so many people involved in the process from the singer, to the producer, mastering, video guys, promotion – you just don’t know where the leak is.

Where do you go from here with the track?

Dhami: Going forward, we gotta ensure that we are even more careful. We can’t have this happen again.

It’s not ideal because a video was shot in the USA and the UK, we had planned to push it properly and release it on all digital platforms. However now it’s been leaked, we had to rush and put it on Soundcloud so people could officially hear it.

This isn’t what we wanted to do. Now that the track is out, we can only hope that it gets the reach we had envisioned for it.

I’ve had hundreds of messages of support from so many different people who are enjoying the track so that’s definitely something.

Check the track that was leaked here, with video money and everything wasted, the only way you can now support such a tune is by playing it and showing those that leaked it, that they were the ones that messed up.


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