Where, How Why And The Return Of Des-C, The Interview


Des-C, the man was rocking clubs all over the UK and even India, a great stage presence, a talented performer, with a unique voice that worked. Then as quick as he came onto the scene, he drifted into the Bhangra abyss. Over the years we have seen him pop up and then disappear again. It now seems that 2018, is going to be the stepping stone to a return, we caught up with Des-C over a milkshake or two and got to talking about what, how and why!

Damn bro, it’s been age’s where have you been

I had some personal family issues which could not be avoided at any cost, As any family loving man will tell you, family always comes first.

Agree with that, you back firing now though ?

It felt like I had not for-filled my dream at all, I was just getting warmed up, I’m still hungry, still got that flame burning inside, feels like I have not even scratched the surface… I’m still very hungry, and I want it all, buffet and everything!

The scene is different now, any nerves ?

I am definitely excited and nervous at the same time, I’ve got a lot lined up, collaborations and such, being nervous is a good thing

Good to see a hungry man, is that voice of yours still as unique as ever ?

I’ve never felt my voice is unique, I’ve always been told it’s different, which I suppose is a good thing. But never unique… thanks man appreciate it

It is though, it must stem from those that influence you ? 

I’ve always had various musical influences in my life, from legends like Baba Gurdas Maan Shab Ji to Sardool Sikandar. The list is endless, amazing singers who vocally differ but technically are correct.

The artists you mentioned have made music for themselves, you going down that route ?

One of the biggest accomplishments for myself was, about 12 months ago , I started to produce my own music. Damn that was hard lol. All thanks to my Ustaad Mr Raja Ram (who I worked with previously) he took me under his wing. Not to mention he is AKI part of my Live Band Team Des-C.

Oh Sh*t, you still got a live band ?

100% brother!

Love that, I feel it vital that singers understand how music is created, so props for learning it,

I wanted to get a better understanding of why music producers are charging what their charging, music isn’t cheap! Being behind the production desk has made me understand so much more about the process. To be honest with you I’m kicking myself for not learning this art sooner! This year expect a lot of producing from me for other artists watch this space.

It’s always good to see an artist on active on Social media, I know you enjoy it

I love talking to my supporters… I always have! Technology is continuously improving and changing everyday. I think all artists should interact more, get to know and understand your fan base. They will give you respect, love you and stay loyal to you forever.

Before we finish, what is #DilYe

Thought you forgot lol

Nah, building tension bro lol

I was glad to team up with my boy … Animal who I was chasing for years. First day we met… we created #DilYe …please check out the free audio single on YouTube and download for free lol


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