Which Punjabi Entertainment Icons Would You Like To See In Madame Tussaud’s


Diljit Dosanjh is all about firsts, and this week it was revealed he would become Madame Tussaud’s first ever Turban wearing star to have a wax figurine made by the museum.

Now this got us thinking, Madame Tussaud’s this is a plea!! We need a wax Museum dedicated to Punjabi Icons, and here is a list of Punjabi Icons from the entertainment scene we would love to see all waxed up and on display. Here are our first 10, yes we know we have missed some, but damn this is a solid start!

Kuldeep Manak!!!

Surinder Kaur,
Ranjit Kaur, duet singer, solo singer, actor, playback singer, MP, wow!
Lal Chand Yamla Jatt – The Tumbi, his Turla, one of the greatest ever to grace the Punjabi music scene.
Dara Singh Randhawa, actor, wrestler, director, you name it Dara has done it, not just done it, but excelled at it, a real Punjabi icon!
Iconic Punjabi actor Veerendra, this man did so much for Punjabi cinema, his contribution should never be forgotten!
This woman broke Punjabi hearts, the queen of the Punjabi silver Screen – Preeti Sapru
Amar Singh Chamkila – Taken to young, but has managed to inspire the music scene up until this day, amazing artist who should never be forgotten.
Amar Singh Shaunki – Do not let the world forget this man, this man shaped the Punjabi music scene for years and is ingrained in its blood stream!

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