Who Is The Current Leading Punjabi Female Artist? Pick Your Top 5 From This List


They  are on fire, who? The female singers of Punjab, not only are they winning people over with their smart appearances and videos, but they are also taking the live scene by storm.

They no longer need a man to help them own a stage these ladies are doing it for themselves, gigs around the world to sold out venues and mela’s and some have all female bands too, which is just fantastic for the scene.

Now, all that is well and good, but who gets your vote, who from the list of 11 below makes your Top 5

Jasmine Sandlas
Swagger, attitude and front. Jasmine owns every stage she performs on, this diva has the lot. A string of solo hits and duets smashes highlight that this is not someone you can take lightly. Leading contender?

Sunanda Sharma
She has had a hard time recently after a couple of less than perfect live performances, but, what you cannot deny is a string of hits, and performances to sold out shows across the world. Sharma is touring soon, and will be adding to her growing fan-base.

Nimrat Khaira
Nimrat is graceful, her vocals are unique and the she has a sophisticated edge to her, very classy in everything she does, add to that a couple of recent monster hits, you looking at a serious contender here.

Neha Kakkar
Whether it be Bollywood or Punjabi, no stage has been to big for her, live shows are her specialty and boys does she deliver! A Bollywood star, but is she a Punjabi music star?

Miss Pooja
Lol, this lady is in the record books, she has sang more songs than most of this top 10 put together, sold out venues, great live and a whole host of hits, and more importantly. Pooja has stood the test of time!

Anmol Gagan Mann
You want swagger? You want pure ankh? Then Anmol delivers it in abundance, live, she has to be seen as one of the best females on the scene at the moment. Add to that a steady line of hits, then, wow, you have a serious talent on your hands here.

Jenny Johal
Jenny Johal, she lurks in the background and goes through quite patches but when she releases, she goes all in, her track record is proof of this. TALENT!

Kaur B
Well what can you say, she is never out the headlines, she has not had a flop single for years, she has a voice that can be romantice or full of passion, Kaur B is one to watch! This lady is on fire.

Rupinder Handa
MH1’s Awaaz Punjab Di season one winner has never looked back, she has plenty of Ankh in her voice and she is not shy in coming forward, a solid singer with a serious swagger.

Gurlej Akhtar
What can you say about this lady, hit after hit, song after song, she is relentless, if its not gigging it is releasing, Gurlej has been a part of some of biggest duets in the last 2 years!

Deepak Dhillon
Deepak Dhillon has been around for ages, just when you think she is about to disappear, bang she is back with a serious tune, she owns the duet scene, but does she own the female scene?

Check out the leading ladies playlist here and make your choice!


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