Who Is To Blame For The Death Of Creativity In The Desi Market


Below is a list made up of both singers and producers which will assist us in getting our point of view across in the article, which will allow us to try and understand who is to blame for the lack of perceived creativity in the Panjabi music scene.

Panjabi MC, Death Jamm, Dr Zeus, Tru-Skool, B21 , Sukshinder Shinda, Aman Hayer, Bally Sagoo, Skillz Inc, Kaos, Bhota Jagpal, Manni Sandhu.

Surinder Shinda, Kuldip Manak, Jazzy B, Hans Raj Hans, Babbu Maan, Surjit Binderakhia, Jaz Dhami, Sidhu Moosewala, Diljit Dosanjh, Gippy Grewal, Jassi Sidhu, Sharry Maan, Gurdas Maan

Evidently the list in each category could be extended, however it has been kept to a minimum to demonstrate the following key points.

Majority of individuals within each category were influenced to an extent by another individual in the same category, as demonstrated by Tru-Skool who had admiration for Sukshinder Shinda’s work alongside his love for hip hop, meaning he learnt from listening to Shinda’s work allowing himself to create a unique sound which was a true reflection of himself.

Singers just like producers want to follow in the footsteps of the greats before them, Jazzy B for example is the biggest Manak fan out there, he wanted to follow in the great mans footsteps whilst ensuring he remained Jazzy, an artist who had learnt from the best, but added his unique brand of singing to give listeners something fresh.

Musicians are inspired by people around them and what they hear and see, this is not something new and has happened since day dot, this is why the lists above feature people who will always be seen as offering something unique, so when did the industry change from being one that inspires to one that is repetitive and glory hunting, and who is to blame?

When a young Jaz Dhami was growing up and wanted to sing, he pursued his dream, he looked at others for inspiration, but in the back of his mind he always knew he wanted to put his own spin on things, he wanted to be Jaz Dhami, so his releases offeredsomething fresh, as did all the artists mentioned above, they were fresh because they gave you a bit of themselves in every release.

So skip forward to today, when a young singer/producer is growing up and hears other artists that inspire them, they must deep down, also have a willingness to add their unique flavour and sound, when they go to a label and offer themselves, they must pitch themselves, so they get a deal based on what they want to create, so when they first release, why is it the same as everything else that is already out? Why go from following a dream to becoming a part of a production line? Are the listening public to blame for this a or is it the record labels who are looking for instant success?

Record labels do have to look at themselves, artists can now hop from label to label, very few are in long term deals tied to one label, so the labels look at new acts and do not pitch a whole vision for the future, they pitch a vision for now and success now, as do PR companies pushing said release, they do not give a rats ass for the long term aims of an artist who may not be releasing with them again very soon, so they make the product sound like what is hot now and throw it into the market to see if it sticks.  80% of the music today is repetitive and uninspiring, the other 20% is what is keeping people interested, artists are failing daily because of labels not investing in artists anymore, and that is not good for the scene long term.

This a great example, did Daljinder always have this as his vision? or was it thrust upon him! 


We love what Tru-Skool produces, he is not releasing every 4 weeks, which is a good thing, but when he does we sit up and take notice. Manni Sandhu is releasing again, we are locked in, because we want to hear it, because he does not release every 4 weeks, less is more, we are not saying release one song every year, but 4/5 tracks a year will suffice as we know the quality of the productions is something we want to hear.

We love some of Deep Jandhu’s work, why some? Because we can pick and choose what tracks we listen too, as he releases so many, which means we lose sight of some of his releases, and if we as a media outlet lose sight of such releases, then how the hell are the public to keep up.

This recent release from Deep Jandhu, is pure Deep Jandhu at his best

New artists and old, look at the mass-produced market and think, how can we be different? It is not hard, the answer is…BE YOURSELF. When you go to a label and they send you to a producer, be a part of the production, be there, influence it, making it sound like the vision you had, because if you don’t stand up for your creativity it won’t stand up at all.

Gurj Sidhu releases regular, with quality and innovation always to the fore, being himself at all times, is KEY!

Labels, be brave when signing new acts, give them a 4 single deal, put time and effort into them, do not just blindly accept the cash from them, and release the project, Invest time in them, build them, and if you are brave enough to do this as a label, you will also see yourselves turning people away from your stable who are just not worth it, yes they are paying you money, and you are a business, but long term you are overcrowding market with sub standard products that will not benefit you or the scene in the future.

Quality over Quantity, less is more, and remember this, no successful artists ever made debuts with tracks that sounded like last month’s “In-Thing”.

So no longer will we publicise everything that is released daily, but instead we will just give you a selection of what tracks we feel deserve a listen, that may not be the songs that are the biggest releases, but blindly supporting is one of the reasons we are at this point.

Do not let tracks like this get missed, because of the sheer number of releases


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