UPDATED: Will Fashion Stop At Nothing? The Sikh Mini Skirt


UPDATED: Social media is berated by many, but it does also have the ability to do good, yesterday we highlighted the fact that RedBubble.com were selling a series of Sikh Mini skirts which were both disrespectful and harming to the religious beliefs of Sikhs, now after several people tweeted them and shared the story (thank you to Sikh PA, British by paper- Punjabi by nature for distributing the story around social media) RedBubble are set to remove the products ASAP.

Thank you to all, who shared and commented on the story and took the effort to get  in-touch with Redbubble.com about this issue!

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If it isn’t turbans from Gucci then it’s bathroom mats with images of Harmandar Sahib, fashion houses and opportunist do not miss a trick when it comes to attempting to gain sales. RedBubble.com are now the latest to test the market with it’s new range of ‘Sikh Mini Skirts’ yes you read that right – The Sikh Mini Skirt.

The mini skirts designs are by pamix20 and range from images of the Nishan Sahib, Harmandar Sahib the Khanda and even one of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. We have attempted to make contact with Pamix20 and with Redbubble for a comment and as yet we are awaiting a comment, we do hope Sikh PA can take this up as it looks like someone who has serious lack of understanding of ‘Sikhi’ is in charge of the campaign.



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