Will You Pay £14.95 To Watch Your Team On PPV?


Premier League fans will potentially have to dip further into their pockets once again if they want to watch their team this season as part of controversial new broadcasting plans.

The league’s main UK broadcasters, Sky Sports and BT Sports are launching a pay-per-view streaming service for certain matches, it has been revealed.

Those matches will not be covered by their general subscription fees, meaning viewers will have to cough up even more cash to watch some top-flight games.

The streaming service will cost £14.95 a match, with money set to go straight to clubs rather than the broadcasters themselves.

The plans, introduced by the Premier League, are likely to be met with some anger by fans, who are obviously still banned from attending matches due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and have already been forced to fork out for subscription fees in order to watch their team.

The first fixtures to be shown on the service will reportedly be the five 3pm kick-offs on Saturday, October 17 – Chelsea vs Southampton, Newcastle United vs Manchester United, Sheffield United vs Fulham, Leicester City vs Aston Villa and West Bromwich Albion vs Burnley.

It had been hoped that fans could return to grounds from this month but plans were shelved following a rise in Covid-19 cases.

Now the clubs are poised to agree to a fresh compromise when it comes to screening matches.

The idea to launch pay-per-view fixtures is believed to be backed by the “Big Six” teams and has reportedly been accepted by the necessary 14-club majority.


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