Woman Commits Suicide As Husband Used Phone Charger First


Fact is stranger than fiction, well if Bollywood had penned this, people would be like…Nahhhh! Radha Devi (25) from the Rasulpur village of Fatehpur Sikri committed suicide on Thursday. The reason she did so?  Husband Pramod Singh broke her cell phone in anger after Radha had hogged the charger. It is said her phone was on 6% and that should have been enough.

The incident took place on Wednesday. The parents of Pramod Singh have stated the couple shared a charger. Radha had placed her phone on charge and she was on 6% when her husband Pramod took the charger away saying he needed it more. The husband grabbed both phones and threw them in anger smashing Radha’s. This led Radha to lock herself in her room. She was found hanged when other villagers came round for tea later that evening. It was then the police were called.

The husband and his family have now fled from the police after giving their statement. The couple had been married for four years. In the FIR raised the parents said that the couple regularly argued about using the phone charger. The husbands family said that Radha used her phone for social media and was always on social media. This is why her battery was low! The husband needed to charge his phone as he needed to text family. The family blamed Radha for the whole issue!

The police are now searching for the husband and his family who fled as soon as a statement was given.

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