Woman Ends Up Driving Her Own Uber As Driver Was Tired?


28-year-old Tejaswani Divya Naik has claimed she had to drive an Uber cab she had booked to take her from Pune to Mumbai. Tejaswani Divya Naik from Mumbai booked the cab, which picked her up as usual.

Soon after she was seated, the driver started struggling to stay awake. Tejaswani requested the driver to stay alert, but her plea went unheeded. Sensing danger to her life, she decided to take control of the wheels and asked the driver to pull over the car.

She told the driver to take a nap on the passenger seat and the driver willingly obliged. Tejaswani took charge of the steering wheel and reached home driving all through the three-hour-long journey.

Tejaswani then took to social media to narrate the harrowing time she had. In a tweet, she voiced her anger at Uber for allowing such sleep-deprived drivers to work. She, further, updated that Uber had issued an apology on Twitter. Uber informed her to directly file an FIR.

Check out Tejaswani Divya Naik tweets here:

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