Woman in Egypt jailed for three years for ‘sexually harassing’ a monkey


A woman in Egypt has been handed a harsh punishment for ‘sexually harassing’ a monkey. A court in Mansoura city has sentenced Basma Ahmed to three years in prison. The 25-year old woman was seen touching genitals of a monkey at a pet shop in a city.

The video of the woman ‘sexually harassing’ the monkey had gone viral. The 90-second clip shows Ahmed laughing while touching the genitals of a monkey at a pet shop in the city. Basma Ahmed can be seen making sexual innuendos as people around are heard laughing.

The Mansoura court charged her with ‘inciting debauchery’ and ‘committing an obscene act in public’. Basma Ahmed was arrested in October and sentenced behind the bars on Friday. Basma Ahmed had admitted

In her statement to the court, Basma Ahmed pleaded that she didn’t intend to abuse the monkey. Instead, Basma said that she was surprised by the monkey’s reaction.

Basma also feigned ignorance of the video being posted on the Internet. Meanwhile, officials claimed that Basma is a habitual offender and has already been charged in two other ‘public moral’ cases.


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