Woman Issues Triple Talaq, Ripping Up The Record Books, As The First To Do So In Writing


A recent case of Triple Talaq has caused a huge stir among the community in Haryana. A woman has taken the lead and given a Triple Talak to her husband. Will the guys in the picture still want to keep the triple talaq now?

She divorced her husband by writing Talaq three times on a piece of paper. And guess what? She then eloped with her nephew.

The woman, Shazia, a resident of the village Unhedi in Jathlana divorced her husband Abbas in a letter written to him. The letter, casually translated, said, “I am divorcing you of my own free will. I am leaving this house. I am leaving this house because you used to torture me ever since we got married. You would beat me after getting drunk. Hence I am taking Talaq.”

And she wrote Talaq-Talaq-Talaq. I am doing it without any influence. Nobody else is responsible for it,” Shazia wrote.

Shazia has three children from Abbas. Her nephew, with whom she ran away is reportedly a bachelor.

Generally, it’s the Muslim men who have the right to divorce their wives by uttering Talaq thrice, even texting or saying it over phone these days is considered enough. The practice is believed to end an Islamic marriage instantly.

However, this seems the first of its kind wherein a woman has divorced her husband by writing Triple thrice and eloping with her nephew.


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