Woman Marries Neighbour After Original Groom Turned Up Late!


Turning up late at a wedding is frowned upon, but it is seen as a desi thing to do. How many times has the bodyside turned up late? We don’t think we have been to a wedding where they were ever on time. But, Turning up late for one groom in India led to dire consequences. His bride decided to marry her neighbour instead after the Bharat was beaten, thrashed and robbed.

The strange turn of events occurred in Bijnor’s Nangaljat village on Friday. When the groom and his wedding party turned up late, they were locked up and allegedly thrashed by the bride’s family. Times of India reported that the bride then refused to go with the groom and got married to another man who lived in the neighbourhood.

This was the couple’s “proper” wedding ceremony, according to the police. They had tied the knot in a mass wedding programme six weeks earlier. But the bride didn’t go to her in-laws’ house because the couple wanted to get married again with “proper rituals”.

The drama doesn’t stop there. There were reportedly differences between the two families over the dowry. The groom’s side was supposed to arrive at 2pm on December 4 but turned up late at night, according to the police, who had to intervene to have the groom’s side released.

The bride’s family claimed the groom and his father had demanded a bike and cash. They also threated the bride’s family if their demands weren’t met.

The groom’s family said they were taken captive, thrashed and the jewellery they had brought for the bride was stolen.

The police said both families have approached them and have now reached a compromise. The bride refused to go with the groom and the bride married another man on Saturday.


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