World Mental Health Day – DJ Dips Take The Brave Step To Open Up


Today – 10th October 2019 marks World Mental Health Day. Mental Health within the Asian community is something that we simply cannot grasp. Great strides have been made by the likes of Taraki and The British Asian Trust to fight the taboo that exists. Yet still not enough people talk about the issue, peer pressure and concerns of what others might think still see people brushing mental health under the carpet. World Mental Health Day aims to change that.

The Punjabi community has made great strides over the last few years as it tries to better understand Mental Health. More and more people are coming forward to talk about their issues, and layer by layer the stigma is being removed.

Punjabi’s like many others, refuse to believe that they can suffer from such things. This has led to many people turning to drink and drugs to try and deal with their issues. People fail to grasp that they are suffering from a Mental Health issue. Suicide among Punjabi’s globally is rising and mental health is a huge contributory factor. Not having anyone to turn to who understands is a huge issue.

To speak out you have to be brave and that is what prominent Punjabi DJ/Music producer DJ Dips has done! 

It was about four weeks ago that social media posts started to appear that were berating DJ Dips for not turning up to events he was booked for. A wedding is someones special day, and not having your DJ turn up is a huge issue, thankfully people rallied around and those weddings then got a DJ.

The issue did not stop there, almost daily DJ Dips was being bombarded with messages and social media posts reminding him of what he had done. Even 4 weeks after some events messages were still being sent to him. What’s App messages and social media posts were not letting this issue go it seemed. It was that accumulative build-up of pressure that saw DJ Dips finally cave in and issue the statement below.


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This is something I wrote out the other day but felt I didn’t want to put out there till I got sent these images this morning so here goes … Just like everyone of you I am human! I’ve been djing since I was 15 years old, the past 18 years have been a dream come true and a magical journey! I’ve travelled the world and played in some places I would never of dreamt of! Have I made mistakes along the way … yes! More recently I’ve made more then usual and I hold my hands up to that but look at yourself in the mirror while reading this and answer one question … have you ever missed work because you are unwell or down ??? The last few years have been more then a rollercoaster from a major break up to constant pressure and threats due to personal debt to people spreading any rumour about me they could think of from gambling to drug addiction to whatever else they could think of. I never wanted any fame or a name because I did what I did for the love of music but what the fame brings is constant hate and eyes on you with everything you do. I admit I have missed some shows over the past couple of years but if your a Dj reading this honestly again look at yourself and tell me that you haven’t ever missed a show for whatever reason, yet suddenly I’m public enemy number 1 and get shot down for everything How is someone meant to rebuild there confidence when they seem to just get bought down, as I said I hold my hands up I’ve made mistakes but social medial has killed me as a person and put me in a place I’d never thought I’d be or end up like I have now. I never believed or understood much about mental health as much as I do now as the last 6 months especially have seen depressed and down to levels I never even understood existed. This is not me saying I will stop what I love to do but rather An insight my story because I’m a son, a brother and a Chacha to a beautiful niece and 2 nephews! While you guys would continue to write shit they would be the ones to suffer if I wasn’t around! To all the people who want me to fail and wanna continue spreading lies your time will come as god is watching and to those who read this stuff here is just a slight insigh

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DJ Dips took the brave step of talking about his mental health. He did not just talk about it but revealed details of his issues that others were not aware of.  Dips is only one of a handful of UK Punjabi musicians to talk about his issues. This could not have been easy. This will not stop the whispers in-fact it will increase them, that is how our community works. Yet, DIps still was brave enough to talk on such issues.

Hopefully, this will lead others to think, if he has done, so can I. We all need to talk and mental health is an issue that we need to talk about. If someone as in the public eye as DJ Dips can do it and face society – THEN YOU CAN TO! 



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