WOW! Punjabi Music Is Making Noise Globally On via Apple Music


2018 is fast coming to an end, and 2019 is gearing up to give us another year of fantastic music, and on the eve of 2019 Apple music has released some very very interesting data on listening habits across the globe and Punjabi music is well let’s say on the rise!

The global music app has over 113 subscribers across the world and is known for providing varios global genres and artists. Based on the global streams, the music app has segregated some top world genres that ruled on Apple Music in 2018. So, here is the list of the top global music trends one must surely have a look at to know the music genres that ruled in 2018, offering a variety of musical treat for world music lovers.

Latin Rap’s top notch in the US

To start the list is the Latin rap, which saw a noteworthy year 2018 and an exceptional jump of 162%. Credits go to Elf Alfa’s Suave and Almighty’s Vacio, who contributed for this musical genre. While the former’s song has garnered over 36 million views, the latter received over million views on YouTube

Punjabi pop music tide in Canada

Punjabi pop music was a rage in Canada in 2018 owing to the popularity of the genre in the country. It saw an outstanding surge of about 2664% there. Artists like Deep Jandu, Gary Sandhu and Amrit Maan are responsible for this tide Canada witnessed. Gary Sandhu’s singles like Yeah Baby Refix and the latest Illegal Weapon with Jasmine Sandlas and Maan’s Difference ruled the list of Punjabi pop music particularly.

Aussie’s love for Indian pop

Indian pop ruled in Australia and Indian Punjabi singers like Diljit Dosanjh have played a key role in it. Witnessing a rise of over 200% this year, the genre flourished in the country that has many Australian Indians. Dosanjh’s songs like Big Scene, High End, and Drive etc contributed to the popularity of this genre in Australia. Indian pop indeed had a golden 2018.

Alternative Folk Inc Punjabi music was the star in UK

United Kingdom saw a massive rise in the alternative folk music genre, which grew by 330% in 2018. This traditional music wave was led by none other than Scottish singer-songwriter Gerry Cinnamon, who ruled charts for his singles namely, Lullaby, Sometimes and Belter. Having traditional roots, UK’s folk music has always seen experimentations that involved a blend of different genre like rock etc. Punjabi music also saw a rise with Sidhu Moose Wala from Canada pulling in a great amount of streams, as did Jasmine Sandlas.

Teen Pop tide struck Russia and Ukraine

Popular as the sub genre of pop, made especially for teens and preteens, teen pop saw phenomenal rise in both Russia and Ukraine. Katy Perry and Spice Girls were responsible for this surge of 5221% in both the countries. While Perry’s songs, Teenage Dream, Firework and Last Friday Night topped on the list of teenage streamers, Spice Girls ruled the young hearts with their singles Goodbye and Holler respectively.

K-Pop’s massive growth in South Africa

For those unaware about K-Pop music genre must tune into top 2018 songs of artists like BTS and NCT127, who released popular songs like Fake Love, DNA, MIC Drop and Regular (by NCT127) respectively in 2018. The music genre is known for its extensive audiovisual elements. K-Pop saw a noteworthy rise of about 200% in South Africa though the genre hails from South Korea.

Dance music wave blew Germany and Switzerland

Dance music wave spread like fire in both Germany and Switzerland and the growth figures of about 2000% says it all. The music genre has received a vibrant response in 2018 owing to songs like Backspin Beat 2 by Def Cut and Bf1 Essential Bb 03 by Bata Fly.

Latin Urban music shines in Belgium and Netherlands

International artists like DJ Snake, Daddy Yankee, Ozuna and Maluma are responsible for Latin Urban music’s exceptional growth of about 200% in Netherlands and Germany in 2018. While Snake’s Taki Taki has been the most streamed latin song in 2018, Yankee’s Dura, Ozuna’s Criminal with Natti Natasha. Ozuna was also a part of DJ Snake’s Taki Taki.


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